Battery Systems Keep Your Home Energized

With or without solar, battery systems are the best way to protect your home and family during power outages. 

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Decreasing Costs of Batteries

The growth in electric vehicles has spurred increased innovation and manufacturing of batteries. Companies like Panasonic — who is one of the largest suppliers to EV manufacturers — are making battery cells and modules for storage systems. 

Other large, multi-national companies like LG, Samsung, BYD, CATL are ramping up production as well. This will continue to increase capacity and reduce costs for battery systems. 

Batteries to Manage Grid Outages

California residents experience PSPS (Public Safety Power Shutoff) events when utilities such as Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric shut down sections of their grid during certain weather conditions.

Shutdowns can last hours or days. Battery storage systems provide backup power to homes and businesses during these events.

It is important to understand that unless both the solar system and battery storage are large, during an outage the usage will need to be decreased proportionately. For some customers we recommend Generac automatic home backup generators.

AC DC power

DC Coupled Storage System

With a solar system installed with a DC coupled battery like the Generac PWRcell or the Panasonic EverVolt, the batteries are charged directly from the solar power. When the energy is needed, the inverter changes it from DC to AC one time. 

This system is far more efficient than an AC coupled system. Additionally, if the solar system is producing more power than the batteries can take and the home is using, the inverter can adjust the power output accordingly. This allows the solar system to still supply power, but not exceed the required power.

This is the most efficient battery system and a great solution to consider when installing a new solar system with battery storage. 

When a home has an existing solar system, an AC Coupled storage system is often the most economical. 

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