Tesla Powerwall 3

The Most Affordable Whole-Home Solar and Battery Solution from Tesla

Customizable usage settings provide greater value and lower electricity bills. Tesla's most cost-effective, sleek, and durable design yet — Powerwall 3 is an integrated solar and battery ecosystem for your home.

Excite Energy is a Tesla Energy certified installer

Excite Energy is a certified Tesla installer, serving northern California

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Durable Design

Tesla's Powerwall 3 is designed and engineered for reliability and durability. It was created to withstand extreme weather and climate conditions including high elevations, high humidity, and extreme temperatures. The unit automatically controls its operating temperature to ensure optimal performance in cold climates, and the flood-resistant shell can withstand up to 28 inches of water and still maintain normal operation.

Whole-Home Backup Protection

A single Tesla Powerwall 3 unit can provide whole-home backup protection during a grid failure or power outage. The system begins powering the home as soon as an outage is detected, while similar home battery systems have a delay. The Powerwall 3 units automatically charge to their maximum storage capacity when severe weather is predicted, ensuring maximum backup protection.

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Power Everything

Tesla's Powerwall 3 is a compact home battery with an integrated solar inverter that more efficiently converts solar energy into stored electricity. Affordable, easy to install, and easy to use — Powewall 3 helps you save energy and money.

Earn up to $350 per Powerwall with Tesla's Virtual Power Plant

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