PG&E Offering $5000 Rebate on Battery Storage Installations

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PG&E has announced a new rebate program for customers who have experienced more than eight EPSS outages (Enhanced Powerline Safety Settings) since 2022.

Up to 1000 PG&E customers will receive the $5000 rebate for their purchase of a qualified permanent battery storage system.

An additional $1500–2600 may also be redeemed from SGIP GM (Self-Generation Incentive Program, General Market).

Requirements to be eligible for the rebates include:

  • Customers must either be in a Tier 2/3 High Fire Threat District or have experienced two or more Public Safety Power Shutoff Events
  • Customers must be on an SGIP-approved time-of-use rate plan
  • Customers must apply for the rebate before December 22, 2024 and installation must occur within one year of the rebate reservation being confirmed

Talk with one of our battery storage experts to explore eligibility for your home.